Monthly Archives: May 2010

Project SkypeLife (SkypeLife Series, 2009; Video, 2:05, 2009) is about fragility of virtual space and interpersonal communication.

Internet plays increasingly important role in our life nowadays. Some people almost live in the virtual space. There is already no need to leave the house to go to work, go shopping, pay bills and chat with friends. It is more and more often being done via Internet. One can communicate via Skype with a flatmate in the next room or a friend on a different continent. The real distance becomes irrelevant. Amazing is a friendly tactile sense you get from pressing keyboard only. However the sense of reality tends to disappear. Is the person on the other end of Skype real or maybe only an illusion?
«Hi! Are you the real person or only the beautiful image on my screen?»
Be careful!…