Time Conservation. Play 1. Secrets

When I was a child in the Soviet Union, we used to play some games which I would call now a practice of meditation. Most of them concern to child’s desire of some metaphysical experience. They are kind of a sacramental rite about life and death, time and themselves. Moreover this play activates sense of beauty and creative ability. I decided this practice will be interesting in India, country that has a big experience in meditation.
I asked girls from Gelawas, Rajasthan, India to make objects using garbage and nature materials like flowers, seeds paper, glass, everything that we could find under feet.

Play 1. Secrets
The custom to make secrets goes back to funeral rite. This game was very popular some decades ago among Soviet children. You should dig a hole somewhere under the tree in a secret location. Put into a candy wrapper and then a beautiful flower or a feather. Then cover the hole with a little piece of glass and hide the glass underground so that no one has found your secret. This custom required patience and preserved time like a sarcophagus.








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