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My first week in Karasjok has passed. First of allĀ  I have got a big atelier.
Here some things which I really impressed by.
Reindeer horns and fish skin which I did by myself. Hope I will be tought soon how to prepare it correctly.
What else do I have to work with? Moss, wood, stones and sand.

my atelier


Tomorrow my long trip through Europe will start.
Moscow – Helsinki – Karasjok – Alesund and Elida’s village – Oslo – Milano – Biella – Torino – Vienna – Prague – Berlin – Moscow.

The sami commune Karasjok on the north of Norway will be my location for the next two months till the end of September. I was invited as an artist to the a new residency at Sami Artist Center to do some projects related to the environment and local community. I am excited to get a new experience.

This strange building of Parlament was built in Karasjok in 2000.


From my childhood I was wondering to see the northern lights. Although to experience the polar day is also interesting. Hope I won’t become too much crazy.

Facts about the Northern Lights
The northern lights are commonly associated with the winter season, though they actually occur throughout the year. However, they are only visible when it is dark and the air is clear. Many say that the northern lights appear when it is cold outside, but this is not exactly right. They are visible any time there is a clear sky. Usually, however, clear skies do correlate with cold weather. Hence the northern lights can be seen on any night with a clear sky, and it has nothing to do with the air temperature.

Mystery behind the Northern Lights
According to the Sami, our ancestors live in the northern lights. When they are blazing in the sky, you are not allowed to whistle, sing or hardly make any sound. The northern lights should be respected.

Traditionally, the northern lights were perceived by the Sami as a supernatural force. They were considered a god just like the sun, the moon and other natural phenomena were.
The northern lights are depicted on rune drums (ceremonial drums) of the noaides, the Sami shamans.

This tradition of respect for the northern lights is not unique to the Sami people. It is common among most of the people living in northern areas where the phenomenon can be observed.

Moreover as I noticed Baba Yaga lives in that forest because I know this should be her house. For whom who doesn’t know she is the most famous character from Russian fairy tales. Will see maybe I meet her somewhere…