Three weeks in Karasjok

Today is exactly three wekks as i live in this small arctic village Karasjok in Finmark, Norway.
Here are some my trophy: shells from the ocean, reindeer horns and colorful stones from mine not so far from Kautakeino, strange stone from waterfall near Lakselv, two pieces of marble, concrete block from world war 2 german hospital and several stones from the hill in Karasjok.

Moreover, I have found that Karasjok is a strange place atracted to strangers. What are they looking for here?

Jana is a traveler. She travels for 5 years n different parts of Europe, wirking as a volunteer. I met her on the sami wedding. She lives and works now in Huski Farm, 6 km from Karasjok, with 40 dogs and cute puppies. She hardly find what to do in Karasjok although when she has got a proposal to stay for a winter at huski farn she accepted it. It will be definitely an interesting experience!

I was looking for a person who organized a music festival in Karasjok in 70s when Marc came to me with question about any old local sami woman. He travels through Erope on his landrover, which almost like a home for him with fridge, oven, bathroom and two beds.

With Marc we made a small 2 by 2 m installation The Code in the mountains in Finland.

Yesterday we discovered a mine where I have found already existed instalation from my proposal for this resinedcy – ceiling with stars, although now it was made by time.

Marc told me story about romenian guy he met in Nordkapp, the most north place in Europe, who was looking for a job in Norway. After three days I sudenly met the same guy in Karasjok near my house. Andrey asked the way to Kirkines (320 km from Karasjok). He is 22, he does not have money, only a bit coins and he has been travelling for 5 months and 5 days mostly by hitchhiking. He also told me a bit about his experience.


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