SALE. Interactive video art project for the public art festival. Moscow

P1020233In collaboration with Olga Karyakina we curated a video art project SALE during Public Art Festival Art Moment in Moscow, August 3

In public space we put a grocery tent and asked visitors to chose piece they like.

Participated Artists:
Karolina Rychlik /Польша/, Moritz Geiser /Germany/, Margarita Vasques Ponte /Scotland/, Emily C-D /USA, Mexico/, Bettina Furnee/The Nederlands/, Pablo Fernandes Zapata /Germany, Colombia/, Camila Rhodi /Brazil/, Dillon de Give /USA/, Diego Del Poso Barriuso /Spain/, Kristino Rav /Estonia/, Berenger Brooks /France, Tanzania/, Pavel Kiselev /Russia/, Dasha Gusakova /Russia/, Ekaterina Craftsova /Russia/, Olga Karyakina /Russia, /Maria Obukhova /Russi/, Natasha Shabanova /Russia/

In October we hope to do updated version in Cambrige, UK


  1. margavp said:

    ciao Kate,
    hope you are good, we just finished another UNIDEE!!!

    which public space was this in, what was the name of the park?

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