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Project SALE was presented during Night of Arts events in Moscow on 3-d of November. This time it’s called SALE. Free Zone, because apart from video screening there was open online chat with artists. The installation with a computer and a screen inside was set up in a shopping mall (ATRIUM) in the center of Moscow supported by Moscow Cultural Department and Shopping mall ATRIUM. Spectators could choose a video piece and watch it on 8 big screens in open space of the shopping mall, which usually display advertisement. Screens were visible from all 3 floors of the building. I suppose near 10 000 people saw the project and more than 100 personally participate in it.

1. Letícia Bertagna, Angélica Freitas, Janaína Kremer / Brazil
2. Elida Brenna Linge / Norway
3. Margarita Vazquez Ponte / Scotland, Spain
4. Elya Veremjanina / Russia
5. Courtney Grant / Great Britain
6. Chiman Dangi / India, Brydee Rood / New Zealand
7. Maria Kapajeva / Estonia, Great Britain
8. Ekaterina Craftsova / Russia
9. Markus Moestue / Norway
10. Alecia Neo / Singapore
11. Kristin Orav / Estonia
12. Georgina Porteous / Scotland
13. Alexandr Raevski / Moldova
14. Brydee Rood, Orchestra of Spheres / New Zealand
15. Karolina Rychlik / Poland
16. Emilija Skarnulyte / Lithuania
17. Mari Sokol / Russia
18. Tatiana Stadnichenko / Russia, Mark Baugh-Sasaki / USA, Christine Swintak / Canada
19. Bettina Furnee / The Netherlands
20. Pablo Fernandez Zapata / Colombia, Germany
21. Gabriella Hirst / Australia
22. Olga Jurgenson / Russia, Great Britain
23. Elena Gavrish / Germany