Monthly Archives: May 2012

My mum lives in Crimea, Ukraine and I don’t visit her as often as I wish I did. Every time I see her she tells me stories from her past and present making me feel like I travel through her life full of enthralling, sometimes dangerous, situations. Sometimes she repeats herself or adds something new, although she believes everything she says. Twenty years ago, when my mum was 51, she suffered from cancer and survived. She has never given up, even when doctors told her she almost didn’t have any chance. She believes that completely changing her diet and lifestyle saved her. Lately my mum moved to the countryside and she still adds plants growing around into her diet. I decided to record my mother’s stories in order to share her knowledge and positive point of view. I hope this film could be useful for people who also suffer from cancer — the disease of modern artificial life — and it will give all of us force to fight against this terrible disease and to make our life more connected with nature, as we are all a part of it.