I made this project in 2002 and only now I define the concept clearly.
It is an illustrated book of The Metamorphosis by Franz Kafka.
I consciously refused to illustrate it traditional way, but I insist it is nothing more than an illustrated book. Here some spreads from it.


There are tree layers of illustration.
The first one uses traditional images – photos from Kafka’s archive – in the first (with family photos) and the last block (with friends) of the book.
The second one made by typography language. Yes, it is very subjective, but it is an art object and artist can afford it.
The third way of illustration uses hypertext. These illustrations look like dates, linked to Kafka’s diary (which is the second part of the book), but their role is different from marginalia’s. Each link represents an image created in reader’s conscious by reading an extract from diary subjectively chosen by an artist. This way creates endless amount of images dependent on readers’ imagination.
The connections between a novel and a diary are based on similar images but not as explanations. My work based on idea that text as an abstract media creates more images then picture itself. Furthermore I remembered this my old project because it is so much connected to work i do now connected to communities, because it let to read actively and, I hope, activates readers imagination.