Monthly Archives: February 2015

November-January, 2014-2015 I spent at ZK/U residency in Berlin doing research about spam e-mails. I like those stories as kind of folklore and often highly appreciate creativity of their authors. Unbelievable, everyone knows that those stories are fake and still many people are sending money to scammers. Video PLEASE, REMOVE ME FROM THE LIST as work in progress of the research was shown at OPENHOUS event at ZK/U (Berlin) and during my personal screening at Z-bar (Berlin), thanks to curator Klaus W. Eisenlohr and Cordula Gdaniec. Several stills from video:

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Some photos from the opening at ZK/U. For the installation a big plate with spaghetti was cooked and put on the table opposite of TV with film. In Russia when someone tells you lie we say they put spaghetti on your ears. 001 002 003

trailer from video: