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When I came to Africa I was inspired by color. Varieties of blue in landscape gave the most impression. As well as women, walking on the streets and carrying baskets on their head. I was also very surprised by model’s shape, local sellers use for selling women cloths. Thus the combination of these images became for me the African Landscape at first.

2 channels video


IMG_0323On the 6th day being in Tanzania I was unfortunately robbed. So now I lost my two cameras. both sound recorders and all money I had. People told me that Dar es Salam not a safe place but only now I know how dangerous it is.I wrote some roles which would help me if I knew them before last Saturday.

So if you are going to Arfica as a photographer:

1. Be sure you have an insurance for your equipment.
2. Don’t take your camera with you if you are going to the city along.
3. Don’t show people, that you have a camera, put it in your bag.
4. Don’t go to the city along.
5. Take pictures only if you have an assistant, who should be a black man.
6. Don’t talk to people on the streets.
7. Take only taxi that you know well.
8. Never go with person with whom you don’t have at least one common friend.
9. Never forget you are a minority, you are mzungu here.

I started a new project about children’s creative outdoor games from around the world. Especially how they interact with the landscape and nature. The aim of this page is to create a web-resource with games all over the world.  All participation is welcome! Please contribute games, rules, comments, cultural context, and multimedia resources.

Here are a FB page of the project